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How 9 Clouds Helps with Co-op and iMR Reimbursement

Just like much of the marketing and advertising world, automotive marketing is increasingly moving online. This is the right move because so are prospects and customers. Here are some stats to prove it:

Prospects and customers for automotive dealerships are online and that is why automotive manufacturers like General Motors and Ford are encouraging the use of digital marketing strategy by dealerships through their manufacturer advertising programs. Learn how 9 Clouds helps our clients with those reimbursements in this blog post.

Ford Co-op: 50% Digital Ad Spend

At the beginning of 2014, Ford started requiring that 50% of co-op ad spend be for digital media. “Dealers earn co-op reimbursement money based on the number and cost of cars they buy. Under the old co-op system, dealers could get reimbursed for money spent on advertising no matter the mix of media.” (Automotive News, 1/3/2014) Now dealers must have 50% digital in their mix, to receive their full co-op reimbursement.

At 9 Clouds, our services align with the search engine optimization (SEO), social media optimization (SMO), search engine marketing (SEM) and email blasts categories that Ford considers digital marketing for co-op reimbursement. We are aware of the language and artwork specifications and take care of the pre-approval process required for email blasts. We work with our clients to use the best mix of these services to attract visits, leads and ultimately gain customers online.

General Motors iMR Reimbursement

General Motors encourages the use of digital media and reimburses for work related to it, but has yet to establish a set amount that it must be. At 9 Clouds, our services align with the Internet: Dealer Display Advertising, which includes blogs, landing pages, social media content and ad work, as well as with the Local Search Engine Advertising which focuses mainly on Google.

Reimbursement Reporting

In addition to the execution of the services that are reimbursable, 9 Clouds also completes the monthly reporting required to receive reimbursement. Dealers must provide proof and results from their digital work and as part of our services, 9 Clouds compiles those reports on a monthly basis for the dealers we provide services to.

We also use that reporting to help us understand what is and isn’t working digitally. At 9 Clouds, we know there is no silver bullet and we are constantly using data and analytics to inform and improve the strategy we provide for our clients.

Make Sure You Are Receiving All the Reimbursement You Can

The major automotive manufacturers recognize that people are doing a lot of research online before ever stepping onto a lot and the way to be a part of their search is to integrate digital marketing into the media mix.

At 9 Clouds, we help dealers execute digital marketing that is eligible for reimbursement. In some cases, 9 Clouds’ work for dealers is completely reimbursable by the manufacturer advertising program. In this post we mention Ford and General Motors programs, but we work with other manufacturer brands as well.

If you are interested in learning more about how 9 Clouds could help you get the most out of your manufacturer advertising program, contact us to schedule time to review your current marketing and reimbursement.