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9 Clouds’ 9 Most-Read Posts in 2015

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One of my college majors was English literature, which doesn't often impact my current position in marketing. Today, though, as I reflect on the past year at 9 Clouds and the challenges ahead, I'm reminded of a quote from T.S. Eliot:

“For last year's words belong to last year's language
And next year's words await another voice.”

As 2015 draws to a close, we want to share our most-read pieces. This will give you a chance to revisit some of the most important topics in the past 12 months — or see things you may have missed altogether.

Our 9 Most-Read Posts of 2015

It's a privilege for us to learn and teach through this blog, so please enjoy this collection of last year's language in the final days of 2015.

#1 – Narrowcasting vs. Broadcasting

Our number one post last year wasn't about a trend or a platform or even a marketing tool, it was about a way of thinking, which really shouldn't surprise anyone familiar with 9 Clouds. Our business exists and grows because we believe in innovation and ideas. Narrowcasting vs. Broadcasting looks at the different ways to send a message — and why the smallest group might be your best audience.

#2 – 4 Steps to Add Social Media Links to Google Results

Next, we dig into marketing tools, specifically from Google. And these are still just as relevant toward the end of 2015 as they were at the start. Check this post out if you're wondering how to boost social authority and increase the size of your social media audiences.

#3 – How to Measure Success on Instagram

This post shares a powerful lesson: You need to have goals before you can measure success. All of the work we do at 9 Clouds is tracked and analyzed to determine if it's helping us reach a client's goal. But without those benchmarks, we'd never know if our work was making an impact. Give this a read if you're ready to get serious about social and track your Instagram power.

#4 – 10 Easy Steps to Learn Facebook Power Editor

Are you moving into 2016 using the regular old Ads Manager? Don't do that. Seriously, the Power in Power Editor isn't just for show. We highly recommend this guide to getting set up so you can run truly amazing Facebook ads. Things aren't slowing down on this platform and you're going to want to be up to speed coming into the new year.

#5 – Eye Health Tips for Computer Jockeys

60% of Americans say they spend at least 6 hours a day staring a screen. For some, it's even more. And that's leading to a condition called digital eye strain for a lot of people who work in tech jobs. We're obviously in that group, so we put together a health guide to help counteract the digital strain. It goes without saying, if you get a lot of screen time, this one is worth a read!

#6 – 6 Skills Needed to Be an Awesome Project Manager

Part of inbound marketing is sharing information about our industry as a whole, which is why we put together this post on what makes an awesome project manager. It resonated really well with readers, so we're glad to hear some of you like our bossy organized personalities! [Side note: I find it really satisfying that number 6 on the list was an article that started with the number 6. I'm also a project manager. I'll let you fill in the OCD blanks.]

#7 – Launch a Killer Instagram Account for Your Business

We love to educate, and post number 7 is all about learning. This one walks through the ins-and-outs of starting, maintaining and rocking a presence on Instagram. If you're new to the social channel or just need help to optimize your existing presence, this guide is perfect for you.

#8 – Top Marketing Automation Trends, Today and Tomorrow

This is an interesting read that previews the 2015 trends. How did they stack up to reality? We'd love to hear feedback on what we expected from marketing automation trends to what real users experience, so go ahead and share in the comments below.

#9 – No More 9 to 5: Millennials and Flexibility at Work

Lastly, we have a piece about work life that took off on social media. This article encapsulates our feelings about millennial workers, the meaning of work-life balance, and what it means to have flexibility in the workplace. We hope managers everywhere take some of these insights into their own departments next year.

Until Next Year, Friends…

That's it, our 9 most-read posts from 2015. We can't wait to share new trends and tools in marketing with you in the new year.

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