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3 Reasons to Add Google Hangout to Your Business Tool Belt 

Google. It’s a twenty-first century household name. And it’s more than just a search engine these days.

You might be using Google Docs or Drive for business, but there’s one app that’s often ignored, and it’s one of the most useful business tools — Google Hangout.

The Gang’s All Here

The main focus of Google Hangout is to make video chats or calls, kind of like Skype. But unlike the one-to-one video conference, a Hangout is a group affair.

You can include up to nine people in each Hangout, bringing colleagues and clients to one conversation. This helps your business grow beyond your zip code.

As you’re expanding your marketing reach, you don’t want to diminish your personal connections. A Google Hangout with a far-away client gives them a personal visit.

The free app is full-service, too. You can share your content, choosing whether your group can see just a window or the entire screen. Need to share weekly analytics reports? Pull up those spreadsheets and get the Hangout underway.

It’s a good tool to use within your office, too. Allowing employees to ‘Hangout’ with each other for staff meetings opens up the workplace. And we all know office flexibility is something important to workers.

Show off your skills

This handy little app isn’t just for meetings or promotion. One great way to integrate Google Hangout into your inbound marketing campaign is through a Q&A.

Pick a compelling topic within your field and invite some leaders to answer questions.

Maybe you’re a marketing manager for a local restaurant chain. Invite your executive chefs to share their insight into the menu creation process.

With the Google Hangout ‘on air’ feature, you can record the conversation and save it right to your YouTube channel — boosting your video library and your place as an expert in your industry.

Boost your visibility

Every Google Hangout that’s on your YouTube reel is ready to share with your social networks, which is going to open up the door for new customers and new traffic. And because it’s all being tracked by Google, you’ll gain search engine visibility for your website.

Any chance to boost your audience and your ratings are one worth undertaking. Especially when it’s as user-friendly as a Google Hangout.

Those are just a few of the reasons you should consider adding Google Hangout to your business tool belt. Not only will you open your business up to new eyes, but you’ll likely learn from others.

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