3 Free Automated Email Templates Your Dealership Must Use Now

3 Free Automated Email Templates Your Dealership Must Use Now

Automated email workflows are equal parts wonderful and terrifying.

Wonderful, because they save you a ton of time writing emails.

Terrifying, because they can break easily if they aren’t set up correctly.

After all, a lot could go wrong with an email workflow, which is what we call any email sent automatically to a contact whenever they meet certain criteria.

What happens when you spend hours drafting the content and setting the criteria only to discover, weeks later, that your workflow isn’t sending the right message to the right people?

It’s every automotive marketer’s biggest fear.

Fortunately, we’re here to help. At 9 Clouds, we specialize in email marketing for auto dealers, and we love to work on workflows. In fact, we think email workflows are the crown jewel of marketing automation.

And today, we want to help you with yours.

Top 3 Automated Email Templates for Dealerships

In a previous post, we shared with you three free auto dealer email templates that you can imitate if you’re low on inspiration for an email campaign.

But in this post, we’re taking things up a notch with three free email workflow templates for auto dealers to help you automate your messages to save time and money for your dealership.

Feel free to borrow these templates for your own store. But be sure to put your own spin on them. Auto marketing always works best when you stay true to your store’s unique brand!

Disclaimer: To create an email workflow, you’ll need to invest in a marketing automation software with good email automation capabilities. If you don’t have one yet, we suggest HubSpot or SharpSpring.

1. Segmentation Workflow

First things first: use automated workflows to learn more about your leads and to clean up the messy data from your customer relationship management (CRM) system.

We call this “segmentation” because it allows us to sort out the leads into common groups: used SUV leads, new truck leads, service leads, etc.

Don’t be ashamed — from what we’ve seen, all dealers deal with messed-up CRM data from time to time. It should be simple, but it’s not. The kind of vehicle a person wants is often difficult information to find in a CRM.

But don’t give up! Good data is your best friend as an email marketer. So spend some time in your CRM, learn how it works, and do what you can to lay a solid foundation for your workflows.

Data segmentation messages should be done ASAP when you acquire a new lead.

A week or two after a contact enters your system, you should have a workflow send them an email asking for one or more basic points of information. Don’t ask for too much, though, or you won’t get anything.

While your segmentation needs will vary depending on the customer information you want, here’s an example of what a segmentation workflow could look like:

Hi [John],

My name is [Sarah], and I’m a customer service rep at [Klongerbo Kia]. I saw that you downloaded our brochure on the [Kia Soul]. I hope you’ve enjoyed it!

We want to make sure your shopping experience is as easy as possible. To do that, please click the button that best describes the body style you’re looking for:

  • [CARS]
  • [TRUCKS]
  • [SUVS]
  • [VANS]

Thanks for letting us know! And be sure to respond to this email or call me at [999-999-9999] with any questions you may have.

[Sarah Klongerbo]
Sales Representative
[Klongerbo Kia]

Now you know exactly what this lead is interested in learning more about. That gives your salespeople more context when communicating with the lead — and it gives your marketing team more opportunity to provide them with value.

Once the customer has clicked on the body style they want, set the workflow to send them more information on that specific body style. They’ll be delighted that they don’t have to go searching for the info you know they want to see.

This is your chance to get creative with all the possibilities your marketing automation service has to offer, so take advantage!

2. Service Offer Workflow

Service customers are lifetime customers. If your store offers service, your automotive workflow options are endless.

You can automate emails to send service coupons to new leads, remind customers when they’re due for an oil change, or offer specials to people with vehicles that may need a specific service you offer.

Use the data from your service department to your advantage. If a customer got an oil change three months ago, send them an email reminding them to make another appointment. If it’s been more than a year since a customer visited your service department, give them a discount on their next service.

Remember — good automation is all about sending the right message to the right people at the right time.

There are many ways to use automation to promote your service department, but here’s one example of a service offer workflow:

Hi [John],

It looks like it’s been it’s been a few months since your [2014 Kia Soul] received an oil change. We recommend most vehicles get their oil changed every 3,000 miles. Are you overdue?

If so, our expert technicians at [Klongerbo Kia] would be happy to help you out. Remember, we offer fast service and a free car wash with every oil change.

Plus, right now we’re offering $5 off any oil change for our preferred customers like you. Just click here to claim your discount and make your appointment online.

Have a great day!

[Sarah Klongerbo]
Sales Representative
[Klongerbo Kia]

3. Lease Ending Workflow

Does your dealership offers leases on new vehicles? If so, you have no reason not to deploy what we call a lease ending workflow.

A few months before a lessee’s contract is up, have this workflow shoot them an email reminding them to renew their lease or view your new inventory for sale.

Be sure to personalize the workflow to show them vehicles similar to the one they’re currently leasing. You can even set the workflow to come from the salesperson they’ve been dealing with throughout their lease.

Here’s a sample lease ending workflow:

Hi [John],

I just wanted to let you know that your [24-month] lease for your [2014 Kia Soul] is almost up. Can you believe it’s already been that long?!

It’s been a pleasure working with you throughout your lease. I hope you’ve enjoyed the [Soul] as much as you did the day you drove it off the lot.

If you want to continue leasing your [Soul], just let us know. Renew your lease is easy and cost-effective.

Thinking about trying a different vehicle this time around? We have lots of new Kias in stock that you can either buy or lease for a great value. Here are a few I think you’ll like:

  • [Vehicle A]
  • [Vehicle B]
  • [Vehicle C]

To discuss your options, please shoot me an email or give me a call at [999-999-9999].

[Sarah Klongerbo]
Sales Representative
[Klongerbo Kia]

Don’t offer leases at your store? You can apply the same principal toward vehicle purchases, too.

Just set the workflow to deploy two or three years after the customer has purchased (or however long it typically takes your customers to reenter the market), and remind them to check out your latest inventory if they’re ready to upgrade.

Need More Help with Email Marketing for Auto Dealers?

Email Marketing for Auto Dealers

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That’s why we’ve provided you with these auto dealer email templates totally free of charge. There’s more where that came from, too — just check out our other blog posts on automotive email marketing.

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