Buy Back Sales Event Case Study

Crater Lake Motors gained:

Crater Lake Buy Back Case Study


Crater Lake Motors is a 9 Clouds client located in Medford, OR. In order to meet the demand for used vehicles in Medford, Crater Lake Motors wanted to increase their stock. The goal was to engage their database of customers and leads in order to increase sales, while simultaneously re-stocking inventory with valuable trade-ins.


In order to engage existing contacts from Crater Lake Motors’ CRM, 9 Clouds tailored an email advertising a special Buy Back Sales Event, using personalization field to reference each contact’s current vehicle model. The message read, “Crater Lake Motors wants your (vehicle model),” in order to emphasize that their specific vehicle was in high demand. The call-to-action was “fill out a free trade evaluation to find out how much your vehicle is worth.” This email was sent to anyone in Crater Lake Motors’ CRM who purchased a vehicle two or more years ago.

Because the trade-in form required contact information, this was also a good opportunity to gain new leads.

To reach a wider audience, 9 Clouds wrote a blog post with the same message and promoted it with two separate Facebook ad campaigns. The first campaign targeted Mazda owners and feature Mazda vehicles, with the message, “Crater Lake Motors wants to buy your Mazda. Fill out a trade-in evaluation request during our Buy Back March Sales Event!”

The second campaign was targeted to anyone who lives in Medford or a 50-mile radius and simply read, “Your vehicle may be worth more than you think. Fill out a trade-in evaluation during our Buy Back Sales Event!”


In a span of 16 days, the trade-in request form accumulated 75 views and 25 submissions. Twenty of the form submissions were filled out as a result of the buy back email.

The Mazda-targeted Facebook ad received a total of 44 clicks and reached 1,926 people. The general buy back Facebook ad received 45 total clicks and reached a total of 7,525 people. Both ads, coupled with the buy back blog post, gained contact information for five new leads.

Out of the 25 leads who submitted trade-in request forms, six traded in their current vehicle and purchased a new or used vehicle from Crater Lake Motors.

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