Crater Lake Motors Digital Marketing Case Study

9 Clouds helped Crater Lake Motors:

Crater Lake Case Study


Crater Lake Motors is part of the Menholt Auto Group spread throughout the Western United States. Located in the town of Medford, OR, Crater Lake Motors was looking to grow their business through digital marketing and coordinating online efforts with what they were doing on TV, radio, print and in the store.


9 Clouds provides comprehensive digital marketing services for the entire Menholt Auto Group including Crater Lake Motors. The work from one store informs what to use at other locations.

For Crater Lake Motors, 9 Clouds focuses on creating content that could be used everywhere online, from emails to blog posts and landing pages to online ads. This comprehensive approach ensures that time and money are spent on the most effective digital channels.

A weekly check-in and monthly strategy session helps 9 Clouds coordinate its digital marketing efforts with Crater Lake Motors’ traditional ad agency and with any local events at the store. This has led to a long-term digital strategy focused on increasing online visibility online and growing a lead database.


In the first six months, Crater Lake Motors has seen consistent improvement online resulting in leads and sales.

Traffic to the website from organic search has increased 13.8%. This is due in large part to a tripling of the number of links to the website, which helps improve their search engine optimization (SEO).

Additionally, traffic from referring sites has increased 25.6% and traffic from social media has increased 29.4% due in large part to the emails, blog posts and social media messages 9 Clouds has created.

More importantly, the conversion rate of the website increased 11.4% in the first three months 9 Clouds worked with Crater Lake Motors generating more leads for the sales team.

9 Clouds monitors the online activity of each lead and sends the most qualified leads to the Crater Lake sales team. In the first six months, 784 leads were delivered based on clicks on email promotions or views of key pages on the website.

From this tracking, 9 Clouds can directly prove that 18 of the customers in their online database clicked on digital content and then came to the website and purchased a vehicle.

The data collected by 9 Clouds continues to improve the digital sales process and is shared across the Menholt Auto Group to improve the marketing and sales of each store.

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