Rushmore Honda Buy Back Case Study

In two weeks, 9 Clouds helped Rushmore Honda: 

Rushmore Honda Case Study


Rushmore Honda is part of the Menholt Auto Group spread throughout the Western United States. Located in Rapid City, SD, Rushmore Honda was looking to engage their customers and lead database in order to increase vehicle sales, while re-stocking their used vehicle inventory with quality trade-ins.


9 Clouds created a landing page to request trade-ins. We sent an email to leads and existing customers telling them that we needed their trade. Since 9 Clouds uses the dealer’s database to customize the content, each recipient received a personal request asking for a vehicle that they already owned.

In order to receive a free trade-in evaluation from Rushmore Honda, the user had to first fill out a multiple choice self-evaluation of his or her vehicle, along with the vehicle make, model, year and contact information. To distribute the landing page, we created a blog post about Rushmore Honda’s limited-time “Buy Back Sales Event,” featuring a large CTA that read, “Free Trade-In Evaluation.”

9 Clouds set up three Facebook advertisements and linked them directly to the blog post. Using a total of $50 over the time period of two weeks, our three varied ads targeted anyone who lives in a 50-mile radius of Rapid City.

A direct mail piece featuring the trade-in request accompanied the digital distribution.


From analyzing the data, we found out that in just two weeks, the “Buy Back Sales Event” blog post received 161 views and 12 CTA clicks. By investing $50 in Facebook advertising, the blog post gained 144 views (89%) of the total 161 blog views. When broken down, each visit gained from Facebook cost $0.33 per click.

The trade-in evaluation received a total of 108 views and a 12% submission rate, totaling 13 submissions, 5 of whom were new contacts. In addition, after each form submission, the store’s general manager was notified by email in order to follow up with the request as soon as possible.

As a direct result of the Buy Back Sales Event campaign, consisting of a landing page trade-in form, blog post, three Facebook ads and a direct mail piece, 22 leads trade in their high-value vehicles for a new or used vehicle within the span of two weeks. The data collected by 9 Clouds continues to improve the digital sales process and is shared across the Menholt Auto Group to improve the marketing and sales of each store.

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