One Year In, Gateway Is Grateful for Going "All In"

A Powerful Partnership: 9 Clouds Helps Gateway Auto Command the Fargo Market 

Car Dealership Case Study

The Challenge

Gateway Automotive in Fargo, North Dakota, consists of a Hyundai/Nissan location, a Chevrolet/Cadillac store, and a clearance center. Earlier this year, we wrote about Gateway’s immediate results after cutting third-party vendors and going “all in” with 9 Clouds.

Since then, Gateway Fargo said goodbye to its final third-party vendor,

How did the results pan out after a full year of inbound marketing as Gateway’s primary marketing strategy?


The Solution

Our team at 9 Clouds took over the following services for the Gateway Automotive group:

  • Online lead tracking and digital strategy
  • Email marketing
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Online content marketing (including blogs and landing pages)
  • Google AdWords and Facebook ads
  • Social media support
  • Reputation management

In addition to working closely with our team to craft each month’s plan, Gateway has allowed our creative content strategists to take outside-the-box inbound marketing approaches to the store’s content.

Gateway’s willingness to go “all in” with 9 Clouds’ strategy and embrace the long-game inbound approach to automotive marketing had a serious impact on the store’s results over the past year! 


The Results

Digital marketing is working for Gateway. That’s not just an opinion — the data’s there to back it up.

Total web traffic is up 66% year-to-year for the group, with a 357% increase in new users.

This translates directly to an increase in leads. Gateway Fargo has seen a 67% increase in Internet leads in the past year — and a 9% increase in sales during the year working with 9 Clouds.

We believe digital marketing is too valuable to not be a coordinated effort. This case study shows that a well-planned inbound marketing strategy can truly increase sales for auto dealers.


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