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Informal company culture

Wearing Sweatpants to Work (And Other Benefits of a Casual Company Culture)

How’d you like to have a job that allows you to set your own schedule, wear sweatpants whenever you want, and do fun stuff with your coworkers on the regular? This isn’t […]

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Tap Into Power of Company Culture

Tapping Into Company Culture for Automotive Marketing

There’s something to be said about being nice. Behind that word is an effort to make people happy. It’s about keeping the relationship with the other person top of mind. […]

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9 Clouds Sticker on Laptop

Gettin’ Personal: How Laptop Stickers Reflect Our Office Culture

A millennial-friendly office culture requires being flexible — and, let’s face it, desktop computers aren’t flexible. So 9 Clouds opts to supply each cloud with their own laptop. Over time, we’ve really made […]

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workplace culture why we drink beer at work

Workplace Culture: Why We Drink Beer at Work

Coworkers who drink together, produce great work together. That’s our motto. (Well, I guess that’s not our official company motto, but for the sake of today’s topic, let’s pretend.)

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The Good Earth vegetables 9 Clouds

Growing a Better Workplace Culture: Healthy Living at 9 Clouds

At 9 Clouds, we strive to have a smart workplace. The inbound marketing methodology is about doing things better — giving people great content instead of bombarding them with […]

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Hold Business Meetings on Google Hangouts Meet

Why Your Business Needs to Use Google Hangouts Meet and Hangouts Chat

Face-to-face is the best way to meet, right? Most of the time . . . but sometimes a face-to-face meeting isn’t possible or doesn’t make sense because of location […]

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Content Strategy | 9 Clouds

Nice to Meet You: Why We Blog About Ourselves (and Why You Should, Too)

Nobody likes a self-centered so-and-so.  You know the person I’m talking about. The one who’s always complaining about how many things are wrong in their life. Or, conversely, the […]

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No Open Positions :(

We aren’t hiring at 9 Clouds right now — but that doesn’t mean we never will. Feel free to contact us via the form below if you have a […]

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The Next 9 Years

The Next 9 Years

More than nine years ago, my brother John and I had the idea that we could teach people in our home state of South Dakota to use the Internet […]

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The 9 Clouds relay team wearing their

Putting in Our Donut Miles: 9 Clouds Marathon Recap

We did it! We’re a little sore, but the #runner-clouds successfully completed the 2018 Brookings Marathon! What started out as a crazy idea by Jenny quickly turned into a unique […]

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